Core Features

Efficient, Powerful, & Easy to Use

WebGuide is Box Clever’s custom-built Content Management System. It was specifically built to be easy and straightforward to allow one or more users to access and edit the website’s content. Most clients currently using WebGuide have had no training on the system, though we do provide complimentary training.

Standard Toolbars

Users are familiar with the basic toolbars that allow for spell-checking, text formatting (bold, italics, etc), inserting tables, and adding hyperlinks.

Simple, Familiar Interface

WebGuide looks and functions in a similar nature to popular word processing software like Microsoft Word. It is extremely easy to use. The example we like to use is that with the Celebrating Albertans project, over 900 students across Alberta used our system to publish web articles online. Of these, 155 students were in Grade 1! Our newest version also features drag-and-drop page reordering.

Automatic Image Resizing

Hi-res photos can be added to web pages directly from digital cameras or other media. Content contributors don't have to worry about properly re-sizing images or creating thumbnails as it is all handled automatically.

Easy Photo Galleries

New photo galleries can be quickly created and photos uploaded to the website. Captions can be added to individual photos.

User Management

Website administrators can control access to their website. They can quickly and easily add new users who can then add content to specified portions of the website.


Calendars added to your site can be easily updated to reflect the newest events in your organization.

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