As Easy as A, B, C...

Along with WebGuide's great features, we've also gone to great lengths to make sure that setup and transitioning to WebGuide is quick and easy.

Copy/Paste from Microsoft Word

Content can be brought in from any standard word processor. Most users are familiar and comfortable with MS Word. We include a module that not only allows copy/paste from Word, but it also cleans up Word's markup language into clean code that is compliant not only with Internet Explorer, but most standard web browsers.


If a page is not quite complete and ready to be published online, it can be saved on the website and later retrieved to be edited and completed.

Password Recovery Tool

Website administrators don't have to be contacted to reset passwords. Users can reset and have a password emailed to them.

Contact Forms

Anti-spam contact forms allow site visitors to contact your business without having email addresses online. Spammers have programs which spider through web pages, looking for email addresses (for example, ‘mailto:’ links). By using a contact form that does not contain any email address in the code of the web page we can reduce the number of spam messages you receive.


News feeds can be published via RSS giving users the ability to follow recent updates from Bow Valley College without necessarily having to visit the website. Often, there are advantages to running various feeds for different areas of an organization. For example a general news feed, a news feed geared for news and events, and a job posting feed for prospective applicants and a blog feed.


Communicate with your audience with a blog on your website. A blog can provide a medium to express ideas, deliver content as an industry leader, recruit, provide PR opportunities and utilize your website to maximize your web presence.


Customized search results can be displayed within the website itself. This is especially useful for larger sites that may have more extensive websites. Website visitors won't have to hunt through the site to find what they are looking for.

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